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Asaram Bapu’s Daughter BHARTI DIVORCED………….

November 17, 2008

Asaram Bapu’s Daughter BHARTI DIVORCED………….

Asaram Bapu’s Daughter BHARTI DIVORSED………….

Asaram has no spiritual power this thing is you can see practically which was written by Gujrat Samachar news paper . If you can read Gujrati den read below if don’t know Gujrati den no prblm….Let me tell you…
Asaram cursed many of the ashram inmates who came to know the real picture of fake asaram. One among them is Rajubhai Chandak(Raju Lambu). Asaram cursed him when he was about to leave ashram, that Rajubhai will never be happy, asaram rubbed his feet on his photo and said in public that he will suffer a lot and finally die because he his going against his Guru i.e.asaram, even his family will suffer very badly. But the fact is that today after so many years also Rajubhai Chandak is living independently free and happily with his family in ahemadabad itself!! Rather, the sevak of asaram, Shankarbhai who lived in Disa, has gone mad with his family. After his leg being cut-off, his loving guru asaram left him on road in such a dangerous situation saying that now if he will eat in ashram then his good deeds will vanish?
The one who lived his whole life by massaging his loving guru asaram’s feet, named Ghanshyam of Sanand alias mama, he had cancer. Whole of his body was infected badly which can’t be seen and he was was about to die a terrible death and with this he his now out of ashram just alone.
Asaram’s own real elder brother (Jethamal harpalani, R/o maninagar, ahemadabad) expired due to liver cancer. If atall asaram has some spiritual power then why was he unable to cure his real brother?? Or say why he didn’t spend a bit from his crores of business to make him cured in hospital??
Today, here is a true news of asaram’s son’s narayan’s wife Shilpa, suffering from cancer.Asaram’s closest man angad-sevak who used to make food for asaram named, Naresh Trivedi (CID) was drowned in Rishikesh in front of asaram and asaram didn’t even uttered a word of help to save him, forget about to shout!
In ahemadabad, during some construction work of ashram three children died by collapsing under the construction that too in front of asaram, but he didn’t do anything purposely..
Three children died in his first shibir by drowning in the nearby Sabarmati river.
Asaram’s own daughter Bharti, divorced with Hemant Gulani, mother-in-law sarita gulani; is staying with asaram because asaram doesn’t want her go anywhere away from him as she knows the actual history of her father asaram.

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